The Best Reads this Fall

We have compiled a list of this season’s best reads to fall in love with. Read on to discover the five novels that you should read this season and impress your friends and colleagues with your literacy knowledge.

Jonathan Franzen Purity

Purity, Jonathan Franzen, released September 1st

This hugely hyped tome by one of America’s Great Novelists is essential reading this Fall. Try not to fall in love with the spectacularly sarcastic main character, Pip as she leaves behind a dead-end job and humongous student debt in Oakland to begin a mysterious internship in South America dealing in the secrets of the world. Hoping to uncover her own secret and discover who her father is, Pip encounters a host of intriguing characters, including the leader of the project, the enigmatic Andreas Wolf. Hugely relatable and darkly comic, Purity is one of those books that you’ll find yourself reading though the night, unable to putdown.

Margaret Atwood The Heart Goes Last

The Heart Goes Last, Margaret Atwood, released September 29th

The release of a new Margaret Atwood novel is always a cause for celebration, if you don’t mind her inherent bleakness and fondness of writing about sex. The Heart Goes Last is based in the not so distant future, where an economic collapse has caused protagonists Stan and Charmaine to live in their car, always on the move from waves of crime. When they discover an advertisement for a social experiment that will allow them to live in the house of their dreams they jump at the chance, despite the catch that they will have to spent alternate months living in a prison complex. When the duo develop obsessions with the couple that reside in their house during the alternate months, things begin to spiral out of control.

Lauren Groff Fates and Furies

Fates & Furies, Lauren Groff, released September 15th

If you loved Gone Girl, but crave intellectual prose, then Fates & Furies is for you. Dissecting the history of a marriage over twenty-four years, Groff first presents the story from the point of view of Lotto, then tells Mathilde’s side of the tale. Told throughout from a third person perspective, it is a challenging read that is filled with eloquent writing and shocking twists and turns. By no means a quick read, this is the type of novel that is meant to be slowly devoured and savoured, making it the ideal novel to take on your daily commute.

Scarlett Thomas The Seed Collectors

The Seed Collectors, Scarlett Thomas, released July 2nd

Scarlett Thomas is known for infusing her novels with elements of science and magic, creating epic tales unlike anything else. Her latest novel concentrates on horticulture, complicated contemporary life and a family mystery involving dangerous seed pods and missing family members. With a host of characters that you will both love and hate, The Seed Collectors delves into family dynamics, infidelities, depression and addictions with deft awareness. The perfect book to curl up with on a dreary Fall day, this is a novel that you will get lost in for hours.

Jessica Knoll Luckiest Girl Alive

Luckiest Girl Alive, Jessica Knoll, released May 12th

Jessica Knoll’s debut novel takes a look behind the door of a seemingly perfect life to discover the secrets that lurk beneath. Protagonist, Ani FaNelli seemingly has it all, with a high flying job, a rich and handsome fiancé and a wardrobe filled with designer clothes. After Ani agrees to participate in a documentary investigating the cataclysmic events of her teenage years, she starts to re-evaluate what she wants from life. The novel shifts between the present day and Ani’s high school life, building up to a tragic event that you won’t see coming.

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