The Best Indie Magazines

As much as we love to leaf through the pages of the latest Vogue, we like to collect a variety of less-common independent magazines that cover a whole host of topics. Indie magazines have seen somewhat of a resurgence over the past couple of years, putting rest to the myth that print is dead in this digital age. Covering baking, travel and off-line pursuits, read on to discover six of our favorite niche magazines.






We’ll kick off the list with Kinfolk, as it’s the most obvious choice in our selection and is probably the tome that can be best credited with the entire indie revival. Founded in 2011, the indie front-runner is dedicated to providing inspiration for young creatives wishing to live a slower paced lifestyle and spend more time with their friends and family. Based around a loose theme, an average issue will include interviews with inspiring people, a collection of poignant essays, delectable recipes aimed at group gatherings and stunning photography.



Bare Journal

Global fashion, arts and culture magazine, Bare is relatively new to the independent magazine market, but has already made an impressive impact. Although each issue has a theme, the contributors are not briefed and are free to create their own words and images. With an editorial team dispersed across America and Europe, Bare features a variety of intriguing voices, each with their own story to tell. Expect simplicity, inspiring words and beautiful photographs.





If you’re at all interested in travel and photography, Cereal should be your go-to publication. Released twice a year, each issue focuses on three different cities or regions with an interlude featuring lifestyle articles and images. Whether you are planning to visit the chosen destinations or simply wish to daydream, articles include travel tips, hotel reviews, concept stores, gallery reviews and awe-inspiring photo essays that will transport you across the world without having to leave the room.



The Ingenue

The Ingenue

A fashion and lifestyle magazine for intelligent women, The Ingenue has only just released its second issue but already is gathering international attention. From backstage at Chanel to tales of scuba diving, the content covered within The Ingenue is best described as diverse and eclectic. Ideal for those who love ogling fashion editorials, but also yearn for interviews with up-and-coming designers such as Molly Goddard and thought-provoking articles dissecting essential topics including how women are portrayed in the media.



In Clover

Dedicated to promoting an offline world and dipping into life’s simple pleasures, In Clover began life as editor, Bryony’s final university project. Based in rural England, with Directors also located in London and Manchester, In Clover is published biannually and features articles that will fill you with warmth. Discover idyllic British hideaways, city guides, interviews with local creatives and tales of everyday adventures that will have your feet itching to put down your phone and explore the world around you.


Cherry Bombe

Cherry Bombe

We credit Karlie Kloss with making baking cool again, but it’s the biannual publication, Cherry Bombe that has truly cemented the relationship between fashion and food. Celebrating women, food, and the women who make food, Cherry Bombe tickles our taste buds by interviewing inspiring women such as Chloe Sevigny and Garance Dore whilst waxing lyrical about ice cream, cookies and all things gourmet.

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