Style Files: Brittany Bathgate

Brittany has been on our radar for a while now, her Instagram, @brittanybathgate, followers rapidly growing ever since we first spotted her account. Based in Norwich, England, Brittany is the epitome of modern minimalism, championing a predominantly white, black and grey color palette in both her personal and interior style.


Brittany Bathgate

Brittany’s blog, Style & Well Being, makes a welcome change from your typical fashion blog. Alongside posts featuring her latest outfits (always minimal masterpieces!), she also features a variety of lifestyle posts encompassing travel, interiors, DIY tips and inspiration.


Brittany Bathgate 2

We love crushing on Brittany’s recent outfits, admiring the stunning photography on her blog, and plotting how we can transform our homes into sleek contemporary havens just like hers!


We caught up with Brittany to ask her a few questions about inspiration, Instagram and her top tips for budding bloggers.



How would you describe your style?

A minimal mix of classic and contemporary with a lot of sneakers.


Your Instagram feed became incredibly popular before you even started your blog - what made you decide to take the leap and begin blogging?

Starting a blog had always been the back of my mind but I was always too scared to take that leap in fear of getting lost in a sea of bloggers. As my followers increased of Instagram more and more followers were suggesting I start blogging and I was repeatedly being asked the same questions under my photos so in February of this year I took that leap and created what I like to think is a carefully curated but still natural extension of my Instagram.


Brittany Bathgate 5

We've followed you since you posted about your Australian travels, what do you most enjoy posting about: traveling, style or interiors?

Posting about travel is definitely my first love, I really miss posting pictures of the golden beaches and breath-taking landscapes Australia has to offer. Fortunately I’m heading back in 6 weeks!


Where is on your travel bucket list?



Brittany Bathgate 3

Whose style influences you?

I wouldn’t say there is any one person whose style influences but there are women whose style I appreciate and admire. My favorites are Leandra Medine, the Olsen twins, Phoebe Philo and Sofia Coppola.


Who are your personal favorite Instagram accounts?

It’s so difficult to choose, there is just too many I love. @lissyroddyy @remmyleigh @marinalondon @ell4d @casschung @derbysotm @thefashionmedley @soph.jane_ @chariza_  @curatedisplay [just to name a few]



Where do you look for inspiration?

I find inspiration all around me. Whether it’s from someone in the street, a magazine, a song or an Instagram photo I’ve seen, I’m finding inspiration every day.



What would be your top three tips for someone starting their own style blog?

Blog for yourself not for others, I very quickly fell in to the trap of making content that I thought people wanted as opposed to content I wanted.


Don’t take it or yourself too seriously. I think it’s important to keep blogging fun.


Try not to compare yourself to others [easier said than done]. Just be you and create what is true to you.


Brittany Bathgate 7

What trends will you be trying out this season?

I’m not normally one to experiment with trends. I stick to what works for me, especially in winter. Having said that I am really into the glove shoe trend happening right now. I think the glove shoe has longevity though which is probably why I’m happy to jump in on it.


What would be your top picks from A Common Space?

The grey pleated cropped trousers, black fringe coat and tie-front knit dress!


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