Lazy Girl Hair Styles for Summer

Summer for your tresses means humidity and frizz, but that doesn’t mean having to hide your hair under hats all season long.  And anything that allows us to look good with minimum effort, we're all for.  While the heat is on, you can keep those locks away from your face with these lazy girl (aka: easy) hairstyles you can DIY.

Most of these looks just require a hair elastic and some bobby pins!  We're obsessed with looks that are slightly un-done for that messy, effortless look that never goes out of style.  We round up some some of the best summer hair styles that look fab without needing an entire glam squad to recreate.

Top pic via: Frida Salomonsson

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A half-up messy knot for short hair.  The trick is to not brush and to use your fingers to gather your hair into the knot.  via: Stine Stampers  isabella thordsen summer hair effortless braid messy

If you have wavy hair, this twisted, messy bun is easy to recreate and only takes 2 minutes! via: Isabella Thordsenjosefin dahlberg twisted side braid summer hair

Twist up two strands on the sides to recreate this chic and effortless look.  Use bobby pins to secure.  via: Josefina cup of joe messy french bun how to easy hair

Keeping your hair out of your face never looked so good.  Recreate this easy, messy french bun look with Cup of Jo blair badge knotted hair tutorial summer hair easy


Instead of braids, try knotting your hair.  via Blair Badgethe fashion sight summer hair messy bun

Another messy, half-done bun look that only takes a few seconds to do.  Don't brush your hair, and use fingers to gather the hair, leaving a few strands in front for a messier style. via The Fashion Sight undone summer braid effortless style

Unfinished braids work well for gals with longer hair.  To finish the look, leave ends unsecured and mist over with hair spray. via Wit and Delight

messy half bun summer hair

All it takes is a hair elastic to recreate this loose, half-knot.  via Crush cul de Sac

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