Great American Road Trips

Nothing beats the great American tradition of taking a road trip with friends. Taking to the open road with your hair blowing in the wind, feet up on the dashboard, open map stretched on your lap is the stuff that Instagram dreams were made from. Gather up your most adventure-seeking friends, pack a bag full of road trip essentials (don’t forget your camera!), and jump in a car with only your final destination planned out. Whether you hire a Winnebago or travel in style in an open-top Cadillac, the thrill of the road awaits you. Read on to discover our top four great American road trips.


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Pacific Coast Highway

Length – Approximately 2000 km

Time – Take at least two weeks to enjoy all of the sights along the route

Stretching from the top of the Olympic peninsula all the way down to Baja, California, the Pacific Coast Highway takes in almost the entire West Coast of America. Those who have drove the route in both directions recommend driving south to fully appreciate the views from the cliff top roads, although both directions have their advantages. There is an almost never-ending possibility of stops along the way, but ensure that you linger in Big Sur, Monterey Bay, the Avenue of the Giants in the Redwood Forest and the enticing cities of LA, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. The perfect drive for those who love the coast, there is also the opportunity to swoop inland and explore Yosemite National Park and Lake Tahoe.


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Blue Ridge Parkway

Length – A comparatively 750 km

Time – This trip could easily be done within just one week

For those who yearn to get back to nature, this route though the Appalachian Mountains is the perfect way to spend a week on the road. Running from North Carolina into Tennesse, the drive takes in the Great Smoky Mountain and Shenandoah National Parks, showcasing some of the finest scenery in the country. Ensure that you make time to visit some of the highlights of the road trip, including waterfalls, caverns, the Skyline Drive and the iconic and fun Sliding Rock.


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Route 66

Length – Just short of 4,000 km

Time – We recommend that you take an entire month to enjoy the route at your own pace

Getting your kicks on Route 66 is the trip of a lifetime. Starting from Chicago, Illinois and ending up in LA, California, this iconic route takes in all of the essentials of an all American road trip. Stay in road side motels, eat in diners with vibrant neon signs and explore all of the kitsch attractions that have sprung up along the popular route. The drive takes in a wide variety of American landscapes, including the gritty streets of Chicago, the spectacular Grand Canyon, the Great Plains, and the sunny beaches of California.


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California to New Mexico

Length – Just over 2,500 km

Time – Give yourself around 3 weeks, as you will end up taking lots of detours

A high percentage of the most impressive natural sights of America are located along this route, within the states of California, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. Along the way, ensure that you take in the colourful modernist buildings of Palm Springs, experience the truly unique Joshua Tree National Park, look out over the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon, hike Zion National Park, and discover natural hot springs in the Jemez mountains.


What to pack for your road trip?

Don’t over pack! Pack your suitcase with loose-fitting dresses, your favourite jeans and a selection of comfortable tops. Don’t forget an oversized jumper for when the air gets chilly at night, a floppy seventies-inspired hat and your swimsuit for when you reach hot springs, waterfalls and beaches.

Our Floaty Plaid Halter Dress is ideal for lounging comfortably in the car and for keeping cool in humid locations. Pack our Mint Asymmetrical Sweater for the evenings and a pair of Ripped Knee Black Skinny Jeans to wear with a variety of tops, including our Gauzy Embroidered Blouse.


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