Fall/Winter Trends that your boyfriend won’t understand – but your best friend will

As any fan of The Man Repeller will tell you, it’s not essential to dress for men. You should think for yourself when choosing your daily outfits, without stopping to consider what your boyfriend thinks of your latest purchase.

We asked the men in our life what they thought of this season’s key trends, and the response was overwhelming in that they either felt completely confused or downright hated most of the looks that we love. Read on to discover our favourite trends this season that your boyfriend simply won’t comprehend – but that you should wear anyway.



Trend - Culottes

Boyfriend says“Why are they so short and wide? I can’t see your legs and you look like a clown!”

We sayCulottes can actually be super-flattering. They show off the thinnest part of your legs and high-waisted styles are designed to skim over a multitude of sins. Balance out the volume by pairing with a fitted cropped top and add elegance by teaming with minimal heels. If you stick to neutral hues, you’ll look chic and sophisticated and can even wear culottes to the office.

Top PicksOur White Tuxedo Culottes are ideal for special occasions, whilst our Striped Culottes are perfect for work.



Trend – Blouses

Boyfriend says“Why are you dressed like it’s the seventies?”

We say Well, the seventies is this season’s biggest inspiration. Not only are we advocating billowing blouses, but we’re also embracing midi-length dresses, suede miniskirts and fringed accessories. A loose-fitting peasant blouse might sound a bit dowdy in theory, but in reality it’s the perfect top to slip on with a pair of jeans to both feel comfortable and look stylish.

Top picks Our Gauzy Embroidered Blouse fits the trend perfectly, or our Striped Off-Shoulder Blouse is a great option if you want to show a bit of skin.



Trend – Jumpsuits

Boyfriend says “Have you got a new job as a plumber?”

We say A chic jumpsuit is actually our favourite piece in our wardrobe right now. Perfect for effortless transitional dressing, all you have to think about is which pair of shoes to wear (heels for work or a night out, sandals to embrace the last of the summer warmth). Denim is our favourite option at the moment, as we don’t seem to be able to get enough of our favourite fabric, but a classic black cotton design is just as stylish and practical.

Top picks Our Dark Denim Jumpsuit is the ideal way to channel a nonchalant cool aesthetic.

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