A Guide to Effortless Dressing

As much as we love printed blouses and colorful skirts, our roots lie in a modern minimalism that makes getting dressed heaps easier in the morning. Embracing effortless dressing can be a bit of a challenge if you’re used to a messy wardrobe and a haphazard sense of style, but we’re breaking it down for you and helping you to bring calm to your wardrobe and subsequently, your morning routine.


Invest in basics


If your closet is full of bright colors and bold prints, it’s going to be harder for you to pull an outfit together. By creating a base of everyday staples that you can pair with the remainder of your wardrobe in a variety of different ways, you are creating a solid foundation. Seek out black, white and grey basics pieces, including plain T-shirts, black leggings, simple sweaters and the perfect crisp white shirt. A couple of pairs of classic slim-fit jeans and a pair of plain sneakers and chic black ankle boots will help to pull your basic wardrobe together. Choose your basics well, ensuring that they are high quality pieces that will stand the test of time.


Organise your closet


Open your closet and take a good long look at it. Is everything organised neatly, by garment and then by color, or are all of the clothes roughly piled in, several items to each hanger in an attempt to squeeze your unruly wardrobe into one place? Getting organised is sure to help you pull outfits together, and sorting through your wardrobe on a regular basis is a great way to unearth garments that you may have forgotten about. Pull everything out and consider each piece individually. Have you worn it in the past three months? Does it have any emotional value? Do you have at least three items in your wardrobe that you can style it with? If the answer to all of these questions is ‘no’, leave the garment to one side. Once you have filtered through your wardrobe, you will be left with the pieces that you truly love and wear regularly. Anything that you never really wear, you could either donate to Goodwill, or organise a clothes swop with friends to ensure that it goes to a good home whilst gaining some new items to refresh your wardrobe. When placing your clothes back into your closet, do this in a system that will help you to get dressed in the morning, whether that is by style or by color.


Make a list of what you are missing



Rather than embarking on shopping sprees on a whim, make a list of everything that is currently missing from your closet. This should be easy to compile at the same time that you are sorting through it. Do you have plenty of trousers and skirts but not many plain tops to pair them with? Are you lacking the perfect pair of jeans? Do you have lots of dresses, but no jacket to wear with any of them? Take this list with you when you go shopping, and only purchase items off the list. It also helps to make a list of things you have an abundance of (say, striped T-shirts or printed dresses) to stop you making impulse purchases of something that you don’t really need.


Work towards a capsule wardrobe


It may seem a step too far to begin with, but work your way towards creating the perfect capsule wardrobe with the bare minimum of garments that all work well together to create a variety of different outfit. When your closet is minimal, you’ll find it much easier to pull outfits together in the morning. A long-sleeved striped top can be worn under a denim pinafore dress, with a pair of black jeans, with denim shorts or with a pleated black skirt to create four very different outfits. A shirt dress can be transformed by layering with a grey sweater or wearing a black turtleneck underneath. Keeping colors neutral and relying of texture and silhouette to create interest will help to pull your capsule wardrobe together.


Embrace accessories

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In order to add interest to a classic wardrobe, invest in a variety of stylish accessories to add personality to your look. A black fedora, a colorful woollen scarf or a bold statement necklace can all add another element to a predominantly monochromatic look. Stick to one statement accessory at once to ensure that your style always appears effortless.


Complement your wardrobe with au natural grooming


Rather than piling on makeup and over-styling your hair, try to keep things natural to emit an effortless aesthetic. If you can’t live without makeup, stick to natural tones, but try to strip things back to the bare minimum. Use a tinted moisturiser on your face and ditch the eyeliner to create the impression that you got ready in five minutes, even if it took you a lot longer. Embrace the natural wave of your hair, and try not to straighten your locks every day. Not only will minimising your beauty regime help to create an effortless style, it will give you more time in the morning to take things slower and enjoy your breakfast before leaving the house.


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