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After what feels like an incredibly long winter, we’re so ready to come out of hibernation and take a quick little getaway. Need some cool tips or fresh insight?

12hrs travel guides is like the friend you wish you had in whatever city you’re visiting, showing you the hottest, off-the-radar spots around town. You won’t find recommendations for the standard tourist attractions on their site – instead, they focus on the less obvious, places loved by the locals, all condensed into a 12-hour itinerary. What makes them our go-to for travel planning is that all the places and tips are compiled by people who are into good design, fashion and art so everything featured is right up our alley. We chatted to Anna Peuckert, editor of 12hrs, and found out her travel hidden-gems, 5 essentials for the plane and how to stay stylish while being a tourist. 
For a serious case of wanderlust, visit 12hrs and their Instagram. You can also check out Anna and Søren’s own IG’s for more inspiration.

12 hours travel guides

Can you tell us a little about your background?
I'm a journalist and Søren is a photographer. We have both been working as freelancers for years, and both our backgrounds are in fashion. I was a fashion and lifestyle writer for several international newspapers and magazines, while Søren has been running a successful street style blog called The Locals (thelocals.dk) for eight years. He is also a contributor for style.com, gq.com and several Vogue magazines such as Vogue UK, Vogue Holland, Germany, Thailand and Russia. We are currently based between Cologne, Germany and Copenhagen, Denmark.

london boutique storefrontHow did you and Søren come up with the idea for 12hrs?
We are a couple, so we would always travel together. Twice a year, we'd be attending the big fashion weeks, visiting Berlin, Stockholm, Copenhagen and New York, London, Milan and Paris. We realized that we had an eye for cool places and started collecting travel tips. As our friends and readers realized how much we were on the road, they started asking us for tips. And since we had planned to work together on a bigger project outside of the fashion world anyway, we decided to start 12hrs.

vintage fiat art in paris12hrs mainly focuses on Europe and a few places in the US. Can we look forward to insider guides for other continents anytime soon?
Definitely! One of our goals for this year is to finally cover some of the great destinations on continents other than Europe. We'd love to produce guides in Asia, several more in North America, and then move on to South America and Africa. Let's see how far we get this year.

Your guides give a lot of insight to places off the beaten path. What’s your absolute favorite hidden-gem of a place or activity?

The park Superkilen in Copenhagen is truly special, it's an architectural marvel. And we can't say enough nice things about the bread at Nelson the Seagull in Vancouver.

hyeres museum imageDescribe your ideal Sunday afternoon.
Either exploring any exciting city and having great coffee and good food there, or at home in bed with my Netflix.

Top spot in the world you haven’t been to yet?
Japan and Hawaii.

Most memorable traveling experience?
In the end, it's always about the people we meet. We have spent lots of nights in local bars, shady diners and weird places. Our favorite memory must be a stint in a karaoke bar in Paris' Chinatown that culminated in a fierce rendition of I Will Survive, sung by 20 old and new friends.

copenhagen architectural detailCan you give us any packing tips for traveling in style?
Packing: Roll up your clothes! Takes up much less space and leaves no wrinkles. And don't bring too much, you end up wearing just a few of your favorite outfits anyway.

On the road: Wear something comfortable, but don't look like a slob. Pants work better than skirts, in my opinion, and layers are key. It's always quite chilly on airplanes.

While exploring: As lovely as they are, don't explore a new city in heels. Invest in some fashionable flats instead.

And finally: don't put your absolute favorite pieces in your check-in bag. AirBerlin lost my suitcase last December, and I am still mourning some of my favorite items of clothing and accessories that I will never be able to get back.

barcelona cafe image
tapas in copenhagen image

Your top 5 essentials for the plane/train ride.
My iPhone for music and podcasts.
A Kindle full of books.
Hand cream by L'Occitane.
Aesop Immediate Moisture Facial Hydrosol.
A giant scarf.

What’s on your playlist now?
Twin Shadow, BØRNS, Drake and Jessie Ware.

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